Everyone Has A Story to Tell (Ebook)

Everyone Has A Story to Tell (Ebook)


Whats Your Story?

Have you ever told someone something that youve never told anyone?
Have you or someone youve known ever discussed something youve
heard about someone else? Have you ever loved, hurt or experienced
something that seemed to have caught you by surprise?
Did you answer yes to any of these questions? Of course you did.

Well, this is a poetic composition based on life occurrences that you
may have either gone through, or know of someone who can relate
to at least one page.

An easy read that will catch you with its appeal, then again
it may be hard to swallow. Enclosed with deception, truth,
betrayal, hardship and triumph ... take your pick. A collection of
rhythmic tales of situations and circumstances that will entertain,
amuse, inspire and touch its readers. Enjoy!